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Hello world!

Since I could not find a website that works as a reliable database for resources / time required for building stuff in Game of Thrones: Winter is Coming, I decided to build one. It boggles the mind how naive I was when I thought mapping everything out would be simple... but I decided that this won't be complete any time soon, so it might as well be public and allow for people to contribute more stats. 

Features that are currently available:

  • Building List
    • Special Item requirement
    • Bonuses / additional bonuses per level
    • Resources/time needed for some levels (time is without your buffs, naturally)
    • Graphs for resource per level (mainly to check that data look valid)
  • Commander List
    • Commander card image
    • Commander descriptions
    • Commander skills with quality selector

More stuff is coming along - trying to reach data completeness for the current ones. If you can, please use the form on any building page to contribute data, only thing asked is a screenshot from the game to verify the numbers (and help you avoid typing).

Let us start this wonderful journey!



Submitted by Fa Mushu on Wed, 12/18/2019 - 14:59


So, uploading photos to you guys are actually impossible. So, I'll simply start and add whatever the heck I think is helpful for you guys as a comment, hoping I actually can post it here, and not try in absolute vain. Dungeon Level 22 requires; Lvl 22 Bannerman Hall 1.87 M Grain 1.87 M Wood 1.87 M Stone 1.87 M Iron 1,400 Book of Confession