screenshot of commander sinara
[ Single Target Attack ]
Sinara is renowned for besting dozens of Braavos' greatest swordmen in a series of duels over the course of a single blazing hot afternoon. After she left for King's Landing, tales spread of her beauty and skill as a Water Dancer - so named for her seamless, dance-like technique. These stories earned her the title of "The Nameless Dancer".
Water Strike
[ Army Tactic ]
blade swishing down and right fast leaving blue trails and faded copies

Deals damage equivalent to ? of the troop's attack to the enemy.

Warrior's Shield
[ Military Passive ]
armor clad female shouting holding mug of beer over swirling blue background

Infantry Defense increased by ?

Warrior's Inspiration
[ Military Passive ]

Increase infrantry health by ?.

Dominator's Howl
[ Military Passive ]

Total Attack increased by ?