Sansa Stark

screenshot of commander sansa stark
[ Support & Healing ]
Unlike her unruly sister Arya, Sansa Stark is gentle and well-behaved, and enjoyed the certainty in her future as a lady. But Sansa's dreams were cruelly stripped away when her betrothed, King Joffrey, ordered the beheading of her father, Eddard, for treason. After enduring much cruelty in King's Landing, she finally escaped, encountering even more hardships as she fought her way back to Winterfell.

Years of suffering and betrayal built her character, causing Sansa to grow from a naive princess into a mature and fierce woman - a woman who eventually returned to the North to assume rule as the Lady of Winterfell.
Lady's Reckoning
[ Army Tactic ]
falling arrows over green background

Deals damage equivalent to ? of the troop's attack to the enemy.

Skilled Artisan
[ Military Passive ]
swinging blade over fiery trail

Fortification Durability increased by ?

Archer's Precision
[ Military Passive ]
jewel clad hand holding sword over blue swirling background

Bowmen Attack increased by ?.

Archer's Inspiration
[ Military Passive ]
falling arrows over blue background

Bowmen Health increased by ?.