screenshot of commander robert
[ Area Attack ]
Born to House Runt, Robert gave up his family name and title to become a Maester. Infatuated with the study of the living and the dead, Maester Hunt has performed countless unethical experiments on both. His obsession eventually led to his exile from the Citadel, his chains stripped from him. But, still intent on his "research", the wicked Maester continues to perform his grotesque experiments across Westeros.
Funeral Pyre
[ Army Tactic ]
green flames erupting from wooden house

Deals damage equivalent to ? of the troop's attack to the enemy.

Iron Mining Specialization
[ Economic Passive ]

Iron Production increased by ?.

Skilled Artisan
[ Military Passive ]

Fortification Durability increased by ?

Archer's Defense
[ Military Passive ]

Bowmen Defense increased by ?.