Merrel Peake

screenshot of commander merrel peake
[ Single Target Attack ]
"Remember, the blood of Garth Greenhand runs in your veins."

Merrel heard this countless times growing up, and it once filled him with pride in his heritage and his family's days of glory. But because his family chose the wrong side in the Blackfyre Rebellion, Merrel grew up in humiliation and disgrace, being constantly called a "good dog" - a nickname that followed him like a curse. Like all exiled nobles, he dreams of returning to Westeros and taking back his heritage.
Gardener's Fury
[ Army Tactic ]
Rake plunging into earth with yellow green light pouring out

Deals damage equivalent to ? of the troop's attack to the enemy.

Iron Mining Specialization
[ Economic Passive ]

Iron Production increased by ?.

Knight's Inspiration
[ Military Passive ]
jeweled hand holding sword over swirling blue background

Cavalry Health increased by ?.

Knight's Spirit
[ Military Passive ]

Cavalry Attack increased by ?.