Laena Waters

screenshot of commander laena waters
[ Attack & Defense ]
Laena has made a name for herself throughout the Free Cities as the charming leader of the Hundred Lances, a mercenary group from Tyrosh that's known for being outstanding riders. When she's not leading her men on the field, she can be found mingling with powerful bankers and merchants with her striking beauty and grace. But on the battlefield, Leana possesses a wholly different kind of allure.
Shadow Assassin
[ Army Tactic ]
running clocked figure holding a dagger with purple trail

Deals damage equivalent to ? of the troop's attack to the enemy.

Knight's Inspiration
[ Military Passive ]
jeweled hand holding sword over swirling blue background

Cavalry Health increased by ?.

Knight's Spirit
[ Military Passive ]

Cavalry Attack increased by ?.

Knight's Watch
[ Military Passive ]

Cavalry Defense increased by ?