screenshot of commander jeane
[ Support & Healing ]
Every "Mermaid" of the Merling Queen starts out innocent, but is swiftly corrupted while in her service. This is, except for Jeane, who remained innocent even after leaving. An intelligent woman, Jeane used her innocence to gain not only riches, but also the role of official courtesan of Keyholder Kuhn of the Iron Bank. Kuhn has promised her a bright future, and in return Jeane uses her charm and reputation to gather information for the Iron Bank so they can acquire more customers.
Shadow Assassin
[ Army Tactic ]
running clocked figure holding a dagger with purple trail

Deals damage equivalent to ? of the troop's attack to the enemy.

Structure Specialization
[ Economic Passive ]
armored female shouting with a spilling mug of beer at hand over swirling blue background

Building construction speed increased by ?.

Farming Specialization
[ Economic Passive ]

Increase Grain production by ?.

Knight's Watch
[ Military Passive ]

Cavalry Defense increased by ?