screenshot of commander feis
[ Attack & Defense ]
The eldest son of a declining noble family, Feis gave up his lordship in order to serve the Seven. As a priest, he leads a pious life, believing a strong body and pure mind necessary to defend the faith. When the Faith Militant came into power, he was given a new title and role. As Great Septon Feis, he intends to show no leniency towards heretics.
Stranger's Visit
[ Army Tactic ]
dagger held with two hands over purple black background

Deals damage equivalent to ? of the troop's attack to the enemy.

Financial Knowledge
[ Economic Passive ]
armored female shouting holding beer mug over blue background

Gold production increased by ?

Warrior's Fury
[ Military Passive ]
swordblade swishing rightwards leaving flaming trail

Infantry attack increased by ?.

Warrior's Shield
[ Military Passive ]

Infantry Defense increased by ?