Arya Stark

young female in a defensive stance with rapier
[ Single Target Attack ]
Arya is the second and youngest daughter of Eddard and Catelyn Stark, Unlike her sister Sansa, Arya has no aspirations of becoming a lady. She is wild and mischievous, and wields a sword named Needle that was gifted to her by her half-brother, Jon Snow.

When the War of the Five Kings began, Arya was forced to conceal her identity and flee King's Landing, beginning a hard life in exile. Along the way, she discovered members of her family had been slaughtered one by one.

Because of this, Arya came to believe only in death. She learned the ways of the Faceless Men, and vowed to make her enemies pay blood for blood. Arya keeps a mental list of the names of her enemies - some already crossed out. Every night she whispers their names.
Act of Mercy
[ Army Tactic ]
a rapier over a purple shimmering shield

Deals damage equivalent to ? of the troop's attack to the enemy.

Forestry Specialization
[ Economic Passive ]
swinging blade with flame trail

Increase wood production by ?

Dominator's Howl
[ Military Passive ]
several metal tipped arrows falling over blue background

Total Attack increased by ?

Warrior's Shield
[ Military Passive ]
armor clad female shouting holding mug of beer over swirling blue background

Infantry Defense increased by ?